Montana ​Elk and Mule Deer Hunting Outfitters

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​​​​​​Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters​  

Our Rates - Per Person Charge

Airport Package ​$310 per person

Includes shuttle service to and from the airport as well as shuttle service to and from the trailhead along with 2 nights stay at the beautiful Montana Mountain View Ranch  ​Home cooked meals also provided

Montana Hunting Licenses
Deadline for Non-Residents to apply is March 15th, Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters 
would be more than happy to assist you free of charge with the application process.
If you miss the deadline to apply, contact us to see if there are additional tags available for purchase. Surplus tags are sold on a first come first served basis after the drawing result, usually in early April.

Scapegoat Wilderness hunting is a wonderful and rewarding challenge that can test your hunting abilities. This type of hunt is not for everyone, it is not easy, nor should it be, for this is PURE  HUNTING!

 ​Are you ready for this rewarding challenge?

If you book the year prior to your trip then a $500 PAYMENT WILL HOLD YOUR SPOT  FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR. The remainder being due Jan1st the year of your trip

We require a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the contract. We hire help, pay permits 
and fees, and prepare for your arrival months in advance. Therefore, deposits 
are not refundable unless time allows for your spot to be filled. It is my policy 
to have the balance paid in full by Sept. 1st
Exception to our Deposit Policy: If you do not receive a hunting license through 
NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN, then we shall refund 
your deposit, or apply it towards the following year (client's choice).

Outfitter of Record:

​Karen B. Hooker Lic # 3341

Hunting Dates For 2018

​prices based on 2 hunters per guide

June 1 to June 7 - 7 day black bear hunt  ($2950) Open

June 9 to June 15 - 7 day black bear hunt  ($2950) Open

Sept. 5 to Sept. 11 -7 day hunt - Archery Only  ($4500) Open

Sept. 14 to Sept. 21 - 8 day hunt - Rifle ($4950) Open

Sept. 23 to Sept. 29- 7 day hunt - Rifle ($4500) Open

Oct. 3 to Oct. 9 - 7 day hunt - Rifle ($4500)  Open

Oct. 12 to Oct. 18 - 7 day hunt - Rifle ($4500) Open
Oct. 21 to Oct. 27 - 7 day hunt - Rifle   ($4500) Open
Oct. 31 to Nov 6 - 7 day hunt - Rifle   ($4500) Open

Nov. 9 -Nov. 15 - 7 day hunt - Rifle  ($4500) Open

Game processing, taxidermist, shipping of game, and airport transportation involve 
extra charges. We can recommend some very good, honest butchers and a
great taxidermist to help you with any of these services.

Montana Hunting Licenses
Please contact us for current information.​

​Fully Guided Spring Bear Hunt

7 day black bear $2950​ per person

 prices based on 2 hunters per guide
The last day is a travel day back to the trailhead
  Add $700  for 1 hunter per guide

​​Fully Guided Rifle Hunt​

7 day elk/deer combo $4500​per person

prices based on 2 hunters per guide 
6 days of hunting with the last day being a travel day back to the trailhead​​ 
​Add $1000 for 1 hunter per guide

Fully Guided Archery Hunts

7 day elk/deer combo $4500.00per person
prices based on 2 hunters per guide​

6 days of hunting with the last day being a travel day back to the trailhead
​Add $1000 for 1 hunter per guide

Fully Guided Hunts consists of a guide, saddle horse, camp cook, all meals, sleeping accommodations,  packer and pack animals to transport all your gear and game, as well as field care and caping of all animals harvested.

The Hunter provides their own sleeping bag, personal gear and hunting licenses.  *Hunting License NOT Included*