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​​​​​​Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters​  

7 day trip $3750 ​per person for 2 hunters per guide add $1000 for 1 hunter per guide

Jake Ingram Lic#26866

Archery Hunts

Archery season starts the first saturday in September and runs through mid October. If you come for the Archery only hunt, September 5th through September 11th, there will not be any rifle hunters in camp. However we will utilize the same camp as the rifle hunters for all hunts after that, but you will have access to areas not open to the rifle hunters. Our camp is close to the boundary of the early rifle season hunting district so we can easily travel outside of that area and be hunting elk that the rifle hunters can not. If you are flexible as to what weapon you shoot an elk with you can also bring your gun along and have the option to hunt with either. We hunt from an elevation of 4200 feet by small rivers to up over 8000 feet on the Continental Divide. We have some of the best elk and deer habitat in the wilderness, from deep timber, to high country parks, to above the timberline on the divide, all accessed by horseback. In our operation we like taking in smaller groups, from four to six hunters per trip. We will hunt the animal of your choice. We will not pressure you to shoot the first thing you see. We will not pack you out early if you harvest an animal prior to the end of your schedule hunt unless you prefer to have us do so. The time is yours and we stay flexible to try and ensure you have the wilderness experience you want.

Montana ​Elk and Mule Deer Hunting Outfitters